Make smart, documented decisions about the places you’re interested in.

With very high resolution VHR satellites and EBee Plus RTK/PPK high-precision UAV.

GSD: 10 metres / Revisited: 5 days

(Sentinel-2 Satellite)

GSD: 3 metres / Revisited: 1 day

(VHR Satellite)

GSD: 3 centimetres / Revisited: on demand

(eBee Plus RTK/PPK UAV)



Crops vigor evolution to detect pests and diseases.


If you want to see the evolution of your exploitation throughout the year click here and search for your farm on the map.

PLANET teledetección agrícola (Satélites VHR)

We work with VHR Satellites

Conapa works with VHR Satellites, with daily revisits, to generate images with spatial resolution of 3 meters (GSD), offering a vision of the area that interests you. We represent the information captured by a sensor that has been integrated into an artificial satellite and we obtain information about the healthiness of your crops each day.

Thanks to satellites

We can include optical and multispectral sensors. The images are calibrated using geometrical and radiometric corrections.

We have eBee Plus RTK/PPK UAV equipped with multispectral and thermal cameras

Conapa works with high precision EBee Plus RTK/PPK UAV capable of obtaining a resolution of 3 cm/pixel, with topographic precision of 1 cm. It is a mapping with thermal and multispectral cameras of ample coverage, optimal to obtain data and accurate features of the farms.

Thanks to UAV

We can carry different measuring sensors (thermographic, multispectral, LiDAR, optic). The data captured by UAV stands out by it´s high spatial resolution, which allows us to detect your crop´s anomalies in every leaf.
Dron teledetección agrícola

Asesoramiento técnico agrícola


Collect your crop’s data from the air

We prepare a precise diagnosis of your exploitation from the information provided by the UAV.

The images and data taken by UAV, GPS guided, offer specific variables to:

  • Increase the quality of your crops.
  • Discovering pests and calculating damage.
  • Establish or anticipate the final yield of the crop.

A quick solution for the agricultural sector

Better information means better solutions. Our satellite imaging services and UAV lead to reduced exploration effort and successful decision making. Conapa helps to achieve a specific multispectral image of a set to process, manipulate and enhance all the details and valuable information for the agricultural sector projects.

In short

They are not controversy but complementarity. The use of satellites and UAV are able collect valuable information and your choice will depend on the analysis you want to make on your crops.

Ideal to determine the productivity

In our company we are aware of the opportunities offered by the new technologies and the effort made by the professionals of the agriculture in your sector. As a result, Conapa has merged both features and developed a satellite and UAV image service adapted and capable of leading to precise decision making such as:

  • Optimize agricultural production.
  • See performance analysis.
  • Convert images into maps for fertilizer application.
  • Optimize the use of inputs.
  • Identify timely land characteristics.
  • Detect crop’s problems and solve them easily.

Great impact

Agricultural professionals are aware that their decisions can cause a great impact on productivity. Conapa provides them with satellite and UAV images that help them maximize profits and become the industry’s leading decision-making support.

Know in detail all the possibilities of your field, join the change and get a proactive agriculture.